CANDICRAFT is a maker of delectable confectionery treats that are sure to make your day a little bit sweeter. Our creamy milk chocolate truffles, fruity jelly beans and refreshing mints are the perfect pick-me-ups for a hectic week. For more inspiration kickstarting try one of our DIY projects, included in every box. Each CANDICRAFT package is a mini kit that comes with everything needed for a delightful craft activity. Make sure to look extra close to find all our hidden surprises.

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Chocolate Truffles

Make your day a little sweeter. A piece of chocolate can make every moment a bit more worthwhile. Enjoy a piece of our creamy milk chocolate, let your troubles drift away and look forward to a great year.

DIY Project: Hanging Calendar
Kit contains: 12 month calendar, 6 feet of cotton twine, 12 clips for construction
Directions: Remove the outer sleeve of the box and cut along the length of the container to reveal 6 month cards printed on the inside of the sleeve. Lift the lower lining of the box for the final 6 month cards printed on the underside of the lining and the bottom of the container. Carefully cut out each of the cards and fill in the dates – the calendar is not numbered so it can be used at any time. Slide in colored tabs and string twine through the clips. Attach calendar to wall or shelf with craft tape or pushpins!

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Jelly roulette. Jelly beans are always a surprising treat. What flavor will you get next? Close your eyes, wish upon a star and take a chance!

DIY Project: Star Jar
Kit contains: 3 rolls of star-folding paper
Directions: Follow the instructions printed on the inside of the box to learn how to fold lovely sparkling stars. Drop them into the glass jar, seal and give the jar to someone special as a symbol of well wishes!

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Rain, rain go away. Chase the rain clouds away with bright chewy gum drops. Start your own rainy day fund for when the rainbows appear.

DIY Project: Coin Box
Kit contains: n/a
Directions: Carefully punch out perforated coin slot. Coin slot is wide enough for a U.S. quarter. Seal the opening of the box with cute craft tape. Don’t cheat – Let’s see how much you can save!

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Grow a sweet delight. Lollipops always bring back childhood memories of laying in the grass on a spring afternoon. Have a lollipop, reminisce and plant a little bit of that happiness to keep in your home.

DIY Project: Biodegradable Planter
Kit contains: wildflower seeds, 2 plant tags, planter sticks
Directions: Carefully cut lollipop box in half and divide paper lining up between both containers. Cut the lollipop stick in half with a pair scissors and use the sharpened end to carefully punch out the perforated holes at top and bottom of the containers. (Watch your hands!) Add a handful of dirt to each container and drop wildflower seeds in. Trim the planter tags, jot down the date and attach the other half of the lollipop stick. Place the planter in a pot or the ground, water and give it lots of sunlight! It will be sure to bloom in no time.

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Do the peppermint twist. Refresh yourself with a classic treat. These little mints always manage to find their way into your pocket. Tuck one into your wallet for a quick freshener during the day.

DIY Project: Magic Card Case
Kit contains: card template, 2 feet of ribbon
Directions: Remove flat liner at the bottom of the box and cut in half. Following the instructions on the inside of the box, assemble magic wallet with included ribbon. Tuck a card into one side of the wallet and watch as it flips effortlessly to the other side. Amaze your friends! Card-holder instructions by Shiho Masuda