American Museum of Natural History


The use of dropdown menus, jquery sliders and galleries help to better organize frontpage content. Important information like museum hours and hall status are visible immediately.

Mock digital campaign created to re-energize the social media outlets of the American Museum of Natural History. Project covered the redesign of the website, the addition of a Augmented Reality technology to the AMNH’s existing iPhone app, ad banners, Foursquare integration as well as updated Facebook, Youtube and Twitter pages.

The objective for the website revamp was to focus on developing an interactive, sleek and modern look for that incorporated information well. The focus was primarily on styling the content in a way that kept it organized, but made it easier to navigate by a large and varied demographic.

Collaborators: Fana Garrick, Alexander Hu, Margaret Fu, Jiahua Susan Wu, Jenny Yang and Yaling Zheng

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